Tsangs Group Announces a Strategic Partnership with Italian Coffee Company “Son of a Barista”

Tsangs Group is pleased to announce its investment and strategic partnership with Son of a Barista, a coffee company which imports capsule from Italy. Tsangs Group will oversee the company’s expansion and strategy in Asian market.

Son of a Barista, founded in California and import coffee from Italy, offers authentic Italian espresso capsules and machines for commercial use. The company’s Italian masters source the finest coffee beans from all over the planet. They roast the beans in Italy, using methods they have honed since the dawn of coffee. Packaged it in capsules containing 50% more coffee than the competition. The secret behind is because only their machine has the high-pressure pump necessary to brew densely packed, finely ground beans — the only way to craft classically rich, creamy espresso. Designed in Italy, their sleek, modern Personal Coffee Creator meets the impossibly high standards of old Italian culture.

The investment and partnership between Tsangs Group and Son of a Barista is one of synergy, rapid growth and a shared vision for capsule coffee market in Asia. “I am very happy to formally add Son of a Barista to our investment and partners list. They provide quality and convenient coffee solution to worldwide users which creates new value to the entire market. We look forward to a long and lasting and fruitful partnership,” commented Patrick Tsang, Chairman of Tsangs Group.

About Son of a Barista

The native (undomesticated) origin of the Coffee bean is thought to have originated in Ethiopia in the 15th Century and it was around this time that coffee became popular across Italy. For centuries generation upon generation of master artisan brewers have been improving the roasting and mixing of coffee beans to achieve perfection and each master artisan has been passing on his closely guarded secret formula to his eldest son.

As the oldest son in the family, Son of a Barista is the latest recipient of that secret and the family and the company want to share with customer centuries worth of improvements that have allowed them to achieve near perfection in richness of aromas found in their signature blends.


Son of a Barista’s master picker hand selects beans for production from planting inception to picking. Their artisan roaster then chooses which blends to mix for maximum flavor and richness while carefully calibrating the optimal time and temperature for roasting.

This process is more an art form than science which is why their master artisan relies on decades of experience and instincts to create an unforgettably smooth rich taste with every cup.

The custom capsules produced by Son of a Barista are filled and immediately air sealed to ensure freshness and though most of our competition fills their capsules with 5 grams of coffee, the pods are filled with 7.5 grams of coffee because this is the only way to ensure the perfect coffee experience. 

For more information, please visit https://www.sonofabarista.com/.