Tsangs Group Announces Appointment of Sherry Zhao as Senior Advisor

Tsangs Group is pleased to announce that Sherry Zhao, the Founder, and CEO of Asia Monaco SARL, has been appointed as Tsangs Group’s Senior Advisor. Sherry has been a serial entrepreneur for numerous early stage projects globally, covering a diversified portfolio of high tech, AI, media, entertainment and biotech. Through her organisation, she demonstrates substantial experience in connecting ……read more

Tsangs Group at the Vanguard of Direct Investments by Expanding Footprint in China

Two decades into the new century, one of the major trends in the coming decade will involve the democratization of investment management – the wealthy families of the world are taking a direct interest in contributing to the capital needs of entrepreneurs and young businesses. More than 60% of family offices in Asia choose to invest directly, a ……read more

Tsangs Group Achieves 50x Return in Two Years via ‘Netflix for Live Sports’, fuboTV’s NYSE listing

Tsangs Group is pleased to announce that fuboTV (NYSE: FUBO), one of the Group’s strategic investments, has enjoyed a successful initial public offering (“IPO”) on the New York Stock Exchange (“NYSE”). Since it was launched in 2015, fuboTV has revolutionized the way over-thetop (“OTT”) subscribers in America watch sports and entertainment content. Demand for fuboTV has been further ……read more

Tsangs Group Announces fuboTV ‘s Approval to List on NYSE / Financial Forecast

Tsangs Group, a strategic investor to fuboTV (OTCQB: FUBO) is pleased to announce the following: fuboTV obtained approval to list on the New York Stock Exchange conditional upon successful pricing of this offering. Q3 2020: Revenues are expected to be US$50-$54 million, a 27% to 38% increase year-over-year. Subscriber is expected to be 370,000-380,000, an increase of over ……read more

Tsangs Group Announces a Strategic Partnership with United Capital

Tsangs Group is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with United Capital, a leading Strategic & Financial Services Platform of industries and capital integration in China. Mr Jacky Wang, Chairman of United Capital, was invited to join the Advisory Board of Tsangs Group as a Senior Advisor. At the same time, Patrick Tsang, Chairman of Tsangs Group, becomes ……read more