Tsangs Group Collaborates with Kids4Kids to Support Youth Empowerment

Tsangs Group is pleased to announce the collaboration with Kids4Kids, a Hong Kong based non-profit organisation, to empower local youth. As the Project Sponsor of Kids4Kids Young Entrepreneurs (“Young Entrepreneurs”), Tsangs Group also created positive values by engaging in the 3-day Kids4Kids Youth Summit 2022 (“Youth Summit”). On Day 1 of the event, Chairman Patrick Tsang gave a ……read more

Tsangs Group Supports Education by Donating Book Bag Library to Local School

In collaboration with Bring Me a BookTM Hong Kong, Tsangs Group is pleased to announce the donation of the Book Bag Library to Salesian Yip Hon Millennium Primary School, supporting the educational development of the local community in Hong Kong. The Opening Ceremony was held in late September at the school, officiated by Mr Ching Shiu Hoi, Supervisor, ……read more

Tsangs Group Announces Investment in Monegasque Media Monaco Life Asia

Tsangs Group is pleased to announce that we have invested in Monaco Life Asia, subsidiary of Monaco Life which is the leading provider of English speaking news from Monaco and the Riviera. The collaboration is also expected to support Monaco Life’s development in Asia.  Owned by Eric Brundage and headquartered in Monte Carlo, Monaco Life provides the latest ……read more

Tsangs Group Transforms Traditional Family Values into a Modern Company Strategy

Tsangs Group is reinforcing the company’s strategy by transforming the Group’s traditional family values. Leading by our corporate culture committee, we adapted traditional family values into 8 core values, which are definitive in the new era of Tsangs Group that reflect the company’s diversity, ethics and innovative advancements. Our mission is to bridge East and West and encourage ……read more

Tsangs Group Announces Investment in Ad Astra Rocket Company

Tsangs Group is pleased to announce that we have invested in Ad Astra Rocket Company (“Ad Astra”), known for the project of Variable Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma Rocket (“VASIMR®“) space engine. Founded in 2005 by former NASA astronaut and plasma physicist, Dr Franklin Chang Díaz, Ad Astra is an American rocket propulsion company dedicated to developing advanced plasma rocket ……read more