We believe that if we use our heart and the right attitude in the way we live our lives, not just in business, by doing each small thing right, we will be successful in anything we do.

Tsangs Group is a China-Focused Family Office, headquartered in Hong Kong and also in London and Shenzhen, investing in special situations globally with a sector and location agnostic outlook.

We have completed many successful IPO and M&A transactions globally. We are a team of multi-lingual and multi-cultural professionals, having Chinese, Asian and Western understanding of the business practices, culture and governance which adds value to the transaction creating a win-win for all our partners and clients. Essentially, we act as a strategic bridge between China and the rest of the world.

We create value and wealth for our partners, clients and team members as well as to ourselves. We pride ourselves with our business acumen, trust, professionalism, governance, ethics and integrity with attention to detail, which provides us the platform to achieve our results with agility and flexibility.

“My personal motto is ‘Anything is possible’ which we adopt not only in the way we do business but the way we lead our lives.”
Patrick Tsang

With innovation and technology, the world is changing at the fastest pace in human history and we must not lose the way we conduct ourselves as responsible people in this modern society, which we have learnt from traditions and lessons from our ancestors. We ensure we give back as much as we can and we contribute our maximum efforts for the environment and society as well as financial gain.

We think global and act as a responsible global player but we run the team like a family with robust local on the ground knowledge.

Patrick Tsang
Chairman of Tsangs Group