According to the old Chinese saying, “To view the present is to study the past, and without the past, we would not have the present.” History is indeed cyclical, and while no two moments are ever the same, our experiences are both informed and influenced by what has come before. This insight has shaped both my world view and the philosophy of Tsangs Group. By remaining mindful of our past while keeping an eye on the future, we can plot a new and exciting path that honors our heritage.

Tsangs Group’s origin dates back to a fateful decision to bridge the cultures of East and West. Back in the early 1950s, when my Grandfather left Hong Kong for Liverpool, this bridge was formed through something simple and universal: food. Today, we find ourselves once again in a position to serve as a bridge between cultures, only this time we are connecting innovators, technologists, and the thinkers that will define the next great phase of humanity.

Tsangs Group merges our deep experience, forward thinking, and world-class business acumen with an one-of-a-kind multicultural experience that enables us to understand the subtleties of culture like no one else.

My personal motto is “Anything is Possible,” and at Tsangs Group we are in the business of putting that motto into action every day. As we invest in the ideas and technologies that shape the future, we cannot lose sight of the human aspect of progress. We must carry forward the traditions, lessons, and empathy learned from our ancestors and give back as much as we can to society, serving as stewards of both the environment and society as a whole as we pursue progress, positive impact and financial gain.


Chairman of Tsangs Group