Social Initiatives

Tsangs Group was founded with a strong focus on achieving social impact through its various activities. This commitment started with the Tsang family patriarch, a keen supporter of education for both his family and the broader Hakka community he served. From his humble roots in Hong Kong, our founder travelled to Liverpool in the UK, working in restaurants until he eventually established his own. This humbling story of hard work, dedication, and perseverance formed the foundation of our modern family office. 

This commitment to driving impact extends through to today. Tsangs Group has three primary value pillars that it seeks to support: education, youth empowerment, and shaping a better future.

The common thread that connects these pillars is simple: optimism. We believe that anything is possible and that the future of humanity is bright. The ideas and individuals who can elevate humankind are already among us; they just need the right opportunities and support to achieve their dreams. 

That is the impact that Tsangs Group seeks to support and promote throughout the world.



Shaping a better future

We identify and support opportunities that create a better society and environment for all. As global citizens, we are committed to doing everything we can to build a prosperous and resilient future.

Youth Empowerment

We strive to uphold and encourage the entrepreneurial spirit inspired by the Tsang family, especially with young people. We empower youth to develop creative, leadership, and business skills that will lead to sustainable future success. 


The Tsangs Group family patriarch and founder instilled in us a belief that a good education is a foundation for a better future. That is why we remain committed to supporting early stage education designed to help tomorrow’s leaders recognise their full potential. 

Our Support

Our Commitment