Tsangs Group Transforms Traditional Family Values into a Modern Company Strategy

Tsangs Group is reinforcing the company’s strategy by transforming the Group’s traditional family values. Leading by our corporate culture committee, we adapted traditional family values into 8 core values, which are definitive in the new era of Tsangs Group that reflect the company’s diversity, ethics and innovative advancements.

Our mission is to bridge East and West and encourage technological and social innovations that push humanity forward. Our core values represent the framework that guides and influences our decisions, from how we conduct ourselves to the opportunities we pursue.

8 Core Values of Tsangs Group

Family permeates everything we do. We treat our partners, each other, and all of humanity through the prism of trust, care, and admiration.

We do the right thing, no matter how difficult. We embrace challenges, and every action is approached ethically, with reverence and honesty.

Respect sits at the centre of all of our interactions. We respect differences and believe that everyone deserves to be treated as equals.

We embody the entrepreneurial spirit with an emphasis on self-management, creativity, and spontaneity.

We are passionate about driving tangible impact in everything we do by acting with enthusiasm and energy.

We are a fundamentally positive team that believes that “Anything is Possible” when our minds are open and our resolve is strong.

We believe that we are always stronger together and seek to foster a spirit of teamwork in everything we do.

We live in a dynamic and ever-changing world. We demonstrate broad thinking, rapid adaptability, and a bias towards action.

To enhance and implement the core values into the daily action of colleagues, Tsangs Group organised a series of internal workshops in mid August, including a Core Value studying session and team building activity at AURA ART, The Orbit Workshop.

“In Tsangs Group, Core Values are not only slogans; every colleague should truly understand the meaning and importance behind them. Only in this way can the Group’s business develop in a sustainable and healthy way.”

Combined with our teamwork, those unique artworks created during the workshop will be displayed in Tsangs Group’s headquarters in Hong Kong. 


About Tsangs Group

Tsangs Group is an innovation-focused global family office that bridges East and West. Our mission is to invest in global opportunities that allow us to exert positive influence and drive positive impact in Hong Kong, Asia and beyond.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Tsangs Group has direct investments across the world, we seek out positive impact investments that reflect our values of innovation, sustainability, and togetherness. Our strategy is opportunistic and both sector and location agnostic.

From fintech to entertainment to space travel, we are always investigating, analysing, and supporting the cutting edge of global innovation and development.