Tsangs Group Announces a Strategic Partnership with United Capital

Tsangs Group is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with United Capital, a leading Strategic & Financial Services Platform of industries and capital integration in China. Mr Jacky Wang, Chairman of United Capital, was invited to join the Advisory Board of Tsangs Group as a Senior Advisor. At the same time, Patrick Tsang, Chairman of Tsangs Group, becomes a Senior Partner of United Capital.

United Capital was founded by Mr Jacky Wang, the former Vice President of Alibaba Group, joining forces with 10+ senior partners, is China’s leading “Industries + Capital” strategic integration services platform. Tsangs Group has extensive networks, as well as high-quality project resources in China and overseas markets, combining with the deep industry background, top-level think tank industry expert team, and participation in the strategic planning and capital operation of thousands of domestic and foreign companies of United Capital, the two parties shall leverage the strong presence in China for further business collaboration.

“I am very pleased about the strategic partnership with Tsangs Group. We have been working together for various projects before, both parties enjoyed very good relationship in the past years. Patrick is a respectable business leader, we are good friends, there will be a lot of synergies between our two groups, I am looking forward to even better cooperation with Tsangs Group in the future.” commented Mr Jacky Wang, Chairman of United Capital.

“I am very happy to formally add United Capital and good friend, Jacky to our partners’ list. They are very knowledgeable group with a wide investor and advisor base from China which we can add value to our international network of partners and investment projects. We look forward to a long and lasting and fruitful partnership.” commented Patrick Tsang, Chairman of Tsangs Group.



About United Capital

United Capital was founded by Mr Jacky Wang, joining forces with 10+ senior partners, is China’s leading “Industries + Capital” strategic integration services platform. The business of United Capital spreading across different fields including traditional industries, Internet and financial capital, providing enterprises with high-end strategic consulting and “industry-finance” combined innovative capital integration services. United Capital pioneered the “Intelligence + Resources + Capital” 3 in 1 innovation industrial services model, and has in-depth layout of ten mainstream industries in China including consumption, health, culture, circulation, agriculture, environmental protection, Internet of things (IoT), new finance, sharing economy and community commerce. United Capital is committed to create a one-stop industry chain resource, wisdom and capital strategic integration services platform with an international perspective, which integrate with China’s local industry.

Mr Jacky Wang is the founder and chairman of United Capital, as well as Vice President of the New High-Tech Investment Committee of China, Vice Chairman of the Committee on Foreign M&A of the Ministry of Commerce. Mr Wang is the former Vice President of the Alibaba Group, and has previously served as Vice President of Alcoa, Asia Pacific, President of DHL Germany in China region, executive of numerous companies like Ford Motor Company on the Fortune Global 500 list, as well as Strategic Consultant to giants in many industries like The S.F. Express Company, Foxconn Technology Group, Gome Holdings Group, Tianjin Port Group, Shandong Gaosu Group, China Daily Group and Kerry Group. Mr Wang is a leading figure of domestic cross-border resource strategic integration.

For more information, please visit http://www.uecchina.com.cn/.

About Tsangs Group

Tsangs Group is an innovation-focused global family office that bridges East and West. Our mission is to invest in global opportunities that allow us to exert positive influence and drive positive impact in Hong Kong, Asia and beyond.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Tsangs Group has direct investments across the world, we seek out positive impact investments that reflect our values of innovation, sustainability, and togetherness. Our strategy is opportunistic and both sector and location agnostic.

From fintech to entertainment to space travel, we are always investigating, analysing, and supporting the cutting edge of global innovation and development.

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