Tsangs Group Collaborates with Kids4Kids to Support Youth Empowerment

Tsangs Group is pleased to announce the collaboration with Kids4Kids, a Hong Kong based non-profit organisation, to empower local youth.

As the Project Sponsor of Kids4Kids Young Entrepreneurs (“Young Entrepreneurs”), Tsangs Group also created positive values by engaging in the 3-day Kids4Kids Youth Summit 2022 (“Youth Summit”).

On Day 1 of the event, Chairman Patrick Tsang gave a Keynote titled “Power & Purpose” to student participants, sharing his growth experience and the spirit of “Anything is Possible.

Throughout the Summit, the volunteer team of Tsangs Group also provided support in various sections: from hosting an onstage panel for young entrepreneurs, fireside chats, to venue setup and stage operations.

The Youth Summit is an annual forum for young people aged 12 to 18 years old to engage in real-life hands-on learning and be empowered with skill sets ready to take the next step to become impact entrepreneurs, with the belief that they are never too young to change the world. This year, the event took place at Christian Alliance International School of Hong Kong, with over 300 students from local, lower resourced, and international schools.

Following the Summit, students have the opportunity to participate in the Young Entrepreneurs Programme and launch their own Community Projects by submitting their project ideas outlining their proposed solutions to address community needs.

Chairman Patrick Tsang was one of the judges selecting the outstanding groups. In addition to providing seed funding to some of the chosen project teams, volunteers of Tsangs Group also commit 6-month mentorship to 3 groups of students, providing guidance with relevant industry experience.

“We are delighted to be able to bring forth such timely and impactful transformation in youths’ lives for the 13th year. It is precisely through our partnership with Tsangs Group and our many supportive partners and sponsors that we are able to create such deep impact in youths’ lives, often at times that require utmost resilience and adaptability from the youths,” commented Ms Crystal Lam, Executive Director of Kids4Kids.

“Indeed, it is the Kids4Kids founding vision that ‘Kids are never too young to change the world’. With each year’s cohort, we see the deepening of the youths’ journey of transformation and in their own belief in their power that ‘Anything is Possible’. We are proud of our program participants and alumni who are committed to creating positive impact in the community, who represent Hong Kong proudly on a global stage and who become active participants in the global United Nations Sustainable Development Goals initiative.”

“Youth Empowerment is one of the three primary value pillars that our Social Initiatives Committee seeks to support. We empower youth to develop creativity, leadership, and business skills that will lead to sustainable future success,” commented Patrick Tsang, Chairman of Tsangs Group.


About Kids4Kids

Kids4Kids is a Hong Kong registered non-profit organisation since 2010, with aims to inspire local youth to make positive social impact in the community. Kids4Kids believes that young people are inherently innovative, capable of building a sustainable community. Their mission statement is that kids are never too young to change the world. To date, they have partnered with more than 300 schools in Hong Kong and engaged close to 30,000 volunteers to serve the community.

For more information, please visit: https://www.kids4kids.org.hk/ or contact: info@kids4kids.org.hk.


About Tsangs Group

Tsangs Group is an innovation-focused global family office that bridges East and West. Our mission is to invest in global opportunities that allow us to exert positive influence and drive positive impact in Hong Kong, Asia and beyond.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Tsangs Group has direct investments across the world, we seek out positive impact investments that reflect our values of innovation, sustainability, and togetherness. Our strategy is opportunistic and both sector and location agnostic.

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