Tsangs Group Continues Strategic Partnership with Good City Foundation

Tsangs Group is pleased to announce that we will continue to be the Strategic Partner of the Good City Foundation. This includes sponsoring the upcoming 7th Annual Meet of Future City Summit and a series of key events to be hosted in the second half of 2022 in Hong Kong and connected cities in Bangladesh, Cambodia and Indonesia.

Future City Summit (“FCS”) is an annual meet curated by the Good City Foundation where young professional leaders in the public and private sectors from over 50 countries gather and discuss the most wicked global development challenges in future cities such as ESG Investing, Climate Change, Urban Transformation and Cities Disparity. The annual meet echoes the global development agenda and drives strategic partnerships such as technology startup investment, government policy innovation and future-proof capacity building in city innovation sectors.

The 7th Annual Meet (“FCS2022”) will continue to highlight prominent issues of Climate Emergency, Smart Cities and Sustainability. New topics such as Web3.0 Economy, Metaverse, Digital Twin Economy and Net Zero Carbon Ecosystem will be spotlighted. The Annual Meet will also host Tech For Good Cities Roadshow with Tsangs Group and other future-looking investors for selective technology company reviews. As a breakthrough, the 7th Annual Meet will be hosted in Hong Kong (expected hybrid) and a few connected cities (hybrid) in the Greater Bay Area of Mainland China, Phnom Penh, Cambodia and Bandung, Indonesia.

Tsangs Group will also partner and support the key co-hosted events in the year such as Bangladesh Startup Investment Summit and various community programs in the Hong Kong Social Enterprise Summit, where Good City Foundation co-organises.

“Tsangs Group has been the pioneering and innovation-driven family office that supports the early time of the Good City Foundation and Future City Summit. It is of synergetic interest to witness long-term achievements together where innovative finance could meet sustainability in Hong Kong and connected cities in Asia through Future City Summit,” commented Mr Andre Kwok, Founder of Good City Foundation.

“Tsangs Group is glad to continue the strategic partnership with Good City Foundation. Last year, Andre and the team did a great job organising various projects and events, including the ‘Future City Summit’ and the ‘Bootcamp Accelerator for Mayor Offices.’ We look forward to seeing the Foundation further connecting resources and talents of emerging cities and making the world a better place,” commented Patrick Tsang, Chairman of Tsangs Group.


About Good City Foundation

Good City Foundation is a non-profit non-governmental organisation founded in Hong Kong in 2016, by a group of public policy scholars and technology social entrepreneurs, with a vision for quality future city development that balances economic growth, liveability and sustainability.

Good City Foundation is currently Institutional Partner of the G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance (GSCA) for supporting city leaders with model policies, capacity buildings and global partnership for creative economy development.

For more information, please visit https://www.goodcityfoundation.org/.


About Tsangs Group

Tsangs Group is an innovation-focused global family office that bridges East and West. Our mission is to invest in global opportunities that allow us to exert positive influence and drive positive impact in Hong Kong, Asia and beyond.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Tsangs Group has direct investments across the world. We seek out positive impact investments that reflect our values of innovation, sustainability, and togetherness. Our strategy is opportunistic and both sector and location agnostic.

From fintech to entertainment to space travel, we are always investigating, analysing, and supporting the cutting edge of global innovation and development.

For more information, please visit: https://tsangsgroup.co/.