Patrick Tsang of Tsangs Group joins Advisory Board of communication technology company Anode

Tsangs Group is proud to announce that Patrick Tsang, Chairman of Tsangs Group, has joined the Advisory Board of Anode, a next generation technology company focused on improving global data routing and optimizing data communication infrastructure worldwide. Anode was founded in 2019 by security analyst and technologist Caleb James DeLisle, inventor of the privacy-based mesh networking protocol cjdns.

Anode’s first software release is a virtual private network (VPN) marketplace called AnodeVPN. Set to debut in 2020, AnodeVPN uses the PKT blockchain and its native coin called PKT Cash for economic incentive and VPN micropayments.

“Anode is building an easy to use privacy solution online for both enterprise and edge users. Tsangs Group believes in Anode’s innovative software defined networking and the shared vision to make privacy solutions easily accessible to customers worldwide,” said Tsang.

DeLisle stated: “Patrick and his business experience in Eastern and Western markets offers Anode unique industry and market knowledge. Tsangs Group’s support is a big milestone for Anode delivering privacy solutions to customers around the world.”

PKT launched its main net on August 20, 2019 as the world’s first bandwidth-hard blockchain. PKT is based on Caleb’s new PacketCrypt proof of work algorithm which rewards network users for their internet bandwidth. Leveraging PKT’s bandwidth-hard blockchain is phase-one of Anode’s roadmap to build a global mesh of infrastructure where bandwidth leases are purchased with PKT Cash.


About Anode

Anode is a next generation technology company building Internet and networking applications using the PKT Cash network. Anode’s VPN marketplace, AnodeVPN, is set to launch in 2020, providing users with free base-line VPN and allowing users to pay for faster connectivity using PKT Cash. The vision is to scale VPN infrastructure and the bandwidth-hard PKT Cash network for Anode to become a global telecom without owning expensive data centers.

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