Patrick Tsang speaks at the Hong Kong Baptist University Affiliated School Wong Kam Fai Secondary School

Our Chairman, Patrick Tsang, spoke at the Hong Kong Baptist University Affiliated School Wong Kam Fai Secondary School (HKBUAS) on the topic of “Change” in January 2020.

Tsangs Group is a part of the Business School Partnership Programme 2019/20 of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce (HKGCC), and it was a valuable opportunity for Patrick to share his business and personal experiences to the next generation.

The topic, “Change”, sparked students to think about their career path. It is important for students to develop critical thinking and accept change throughout their career adventure. As the Chairman of Tsangs Group and strategic advisors of various companies globally, Patrick shared some of the most interesting experiences as well as failures he had encountered. It is helpful for students to take career advice from different people and develop their path strategically.

Students were enthusiastic in the workshop and raised interesting questions during the Q&A session. Patrick was impressed by their creativity and eagerness.

Patrick rounded up the talk by reminding all those students attending to step out of their comfort zone, and face challenges as well as to accept the notion of change. It is essential for the youth of today to have the courage and direction to embrace “change”, which will also be instrumental to achieving their future goals. This message reflects the spirit of the Tsangs Group – Anything Is Possible.

“It has always been an honour and a privilege to share my own personal knowledge, experiences and skills with the next generation. In addition, the lessons shares have also been reciprocal and it has helped me gain a more solid understanding of how the next pioneers of tomorrow will lead society into the future.” – Patrick Tsang

Special thanks to the invitation from HKBUAS and HKGCC for the opportunity.

Please see the following link for more highlights of the events published on 《Bulletin》, Issue February 2020: