Patrick Tsang featured on AsiaHedge

I was recently interviewed by AsiaHedge on 30 October 2020, sharing our investment return via the successful IPO of fuboTV in the New York Stock Exchange. 

Merged with FaceBank Group in April 2020, fuboTV has enjoyed a successful IPO recently combined outfit raised $180m and was listed in the NYSE earlier in October. Our group invested in FaceBank two years ago at a valuation of USD$4billion, and with fuboTV’s enterprise value now, our investment has generated a 130x return.

“I’m not your typical portfolio manager, but I have always been able to identify opportunities that enhanced shareholder value,” said Patrick.

Tsangs Group is headquartered in Hong Kong and offices in London, Beijing, and Shenzhen. We have diversified into other areas and made significant investments in new economies in recent years.

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