Patrick Tsang as Opening Guest of Future City Summit 2021

One of our sponsored projects, the 6th Annual Conference by Future City Summit, was held virtually in Hong Kong and Guangzhou from 15th to 16th December 2021. Chairman Patrick Tsang, the opening guest, delivered a Welcome Message at the Conference.

Organised by Good City Foundation, a Strategic Partner of Tsangs Group, the event had 1,045 delegates online from over 66 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America, and 12,484 total reach on social media during the Live-Streaming.

“I am honoured to be opening the Future City Summit, a conference which assembles young leaders from public and private sectors to accelerate action collaboration for reshaping the cities we feel harmonious and resilient to live in,” commented Patrick.

Tsangs Group is happy with the incredible success of the Good City Foundation, and we hope the event this year will be equally successful.