Tsangs Group invests directly in special situation opportunities globally. We are sector and location agnostic and we have invested in a diverse range of sectors including TMT, ecommerce, FinTech, AI, robotics, IoT, clean tech, biotech, real estate, entertainment, e-sports, energy, blockchain and hospitality. Our principle is to invest in impact investments with social impact and positive influence. We do not invest in arms, recreational drugs or tobacco. Our companies are making significant performance in each sector and we aim to disrupt the status quo in each sector.

Here are some examples of our portfolio companies:


Pulse Evolution Group

Tsangs Group is an investor and a strategic partner of Pulse Evolution Group (OTC: DGLF), a globally recognized and market leading developer of hyper-realistic, artificially intelligent, computer generated humans. The digital humans can live, perform and be distributed across the full spectrum of traditional media and emerging display technologies, including live entertainment, virtual reality, augmented reality, mobile, interactive and artificial intelligence applications. In August 2018, the company has acquired Evolution AI Corporation, a development stage company focused on the adaptation and development of human animation technology to enable diverse artificial intelligence platforms to interact with consumers in the relatable form of a human face. Evolution|AI intends to develop a robust library of fully functional human faces, and human characters, that will allow people to communicate with leading artificial intelligence platforms, such as IBM’s Watson or Facebook’s Jasper, just as they would expect to communicate with another human being.

Sector: Technology
Location: Global
Our Role: Investor and Strategic Partner
Market Cap: USD238 million as of 19 March 2019


Aquavit London

Aquavit Restaurant Group is a world famous Nordic restaurant group in the world with Michelin starred restaurants in New York, Tokyo and London. Tsangs Group co-founded and invested in the London concept in 2015.
Under Tsangs Group leadership, Aquavit London was awarded a Michelin Star in 10 months after its opening. This is a record in London and UK, and also the first and only Michelin Star restaurant in the famous St. James area in central London.
Aquavit New York is Michelin Two Star and Aquavit Tokyo is Michelin One Star. The expansion plan is to go into Asia and USA with more restaurants and to create a global hospitality group.
This demonstrates the strategic value and leadership which Tsangs Group brings to the table, as well as the financial ability to fund projects. We are proud that a Hong Kong Chinese Group can expand successfully a Western brand in the West, with a view to reaching a global market including breaking into the lucrative Chinese market.

Sector: Hospitality
Location: London, United Kingdom
Our Role: Founder, Investor and Strategic Partner


Live Company Group PLC


Tsangs Group was an investor of Live Company Group (“LVCG”), a leading Live Events and Entertainment company. LVCG was founded in 2017 and is trading on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange.

LVCG acquired the BRICKLIVE Group and the Parallel Live Group. BRICKLIVE events have received widespread acclaim as a leading network of partner-driven shows designed to showcase the benefits of LEGO® as an educational tool worldwide.

Tsangs Group invested at 30p in November 2017 and it went up to 94.5p on the first day of the injection of the new project.

Sector: Event, Entertainment and Education
Location: Global
Our Role: Investor and Strategic Partner
Market Cap: GBP25.55 million as of 23 June 2018