Career Insights to Empower Teenagers

In late March, Business Analyst Quentin Luk shared his career insights and tips at the Empowered Futures Exchange online workshop. It was a half-day forum held by a Hong Kong-based youth-oriented NGO, Kids4Kids, which aims to empower teenagers to take ownership of their future through career-focused workshops.

Kids4Kids has been a Hong Kong-registered non-profit organisation since 2010, aiming to inspire local youth to make a positive social impact in the community. They believe young people are inherently innovative and capable of building a sustainable society. Their mission statement is that kids are never too young to change the world. To date, they have partnered with more than 300 schools in Hong Kong and engaged close to 30,000 volunteers to serve the community. 

“I am pleased to speak at the Empower Futures Exchange online workshop to share my career focus and industry knowledge. I hope the students are inspired to make decisions about their future and discover their passions,” shared Quentin Luk, Business Analyst.