The blockchain industry is changing the world. We must leverage our entrepreneurial spirit and financial know how to create maximum value in this new exciting space.

Block T Ventures is the blockchain division of the Tsangs Group, which was incorporated in 2018. At a time when cryptocurrency seemed to have peaked and been riddled with speculation along with a sluggish economy. However, this was not the case for Block T Ventures, where we not only saw the opportunity in such a growth market but were also able to successfully capitalize on this too.

We are actively involved in the beginning of a new era. At Block T Ventures, our vision is to invest into new technology, protocols, software, aligned with decentralized and tokenized projects. Using our traditional finance and technology investment experience and global network, we are able to create greater value and more sustainable business models.

Block T Ventures’ core belief is decentralization, which we firmly believe will reallocate the future of asset ownership, services, and cooperation. We meticulously select projects where we can work alongside visionary founders to create the maximum value through our strict due diligence, while, being integrated with our global strategic partnership network.

At Block T Ventures, we are continually investing and incubating start up technology and blockchain projects globally as well as gaining huge returns for our partners and for our future growth.