A 20-minute Visual Tour of the Arctic’s Fragile Ecosystem on Earth Day

Date: 22 April 2021

Location: Washington DC, United States


Tsangs Group is proud to support Earth Day 2021 through an initiative featured on the Washington grounds in DC, facing the White House. A jumbotron placed there took people on a 20-minute visual tour of the Arctic’s fragile ecosystem, the Amazon’s unique biome and human-caused threats, and Antarctica, the most untouched environment on Earth. The images cycled for 12 hours a day for the week of Earth Day 2021. This call to action was co-created by Sebastian Copeland, Amazon Aid Foundation, Amazon Watch, and Artists for Amazonia. Its purpose was to inform civil society, lawmakers, and political advisers on the eve of the Earth Day summit hosted by President Biden and send a clear message that global anthropogenic activities are dooming these keystone environments.

More Details: https://lnkd.in/gdcXx3p


Sebastian Copeland & The SEDNA Foundation