About Us

“We think global and act as a responsible global player but we run the team like a family with robust local on the ground knowledge.”

– Think Global. Be Local. –

Vision & Mission

Tsangs Group is an innovation-focused global family office that bridges East and West. Our mission is to invest in global opportunities that allow us to exert positive influence and drive positive impact in Hong Kong, Asia and beyond. 

We believe that disruptive innovation can come from anywhere, and that is why we seek out entrepreneurs, technologies, and changemakers that others may overlook. Our goal is to sit at the forefront of the trends that will drive humanity forward in the decades and centuries to come. From fintech to entertainment to space travel, Tsangs Group is always investigating, analysing, and supporting the cutting edge of global innovation and development.

Our Story

Our history traces back to a single fateful decision in the early 1950s, when our family patriarch left his roots in Hong Kong to strike out on his own in Liverpool, United Kingdom. After starting a number of successful Chinese restaurants in the United Kingdom and parlaying the proceeds into increasingly successful real estate investments, Tsangs Group became a family business which evolved into a traditional family office. 

Under the vision and leadership of our current Chairman, Patrick Tsang, it has transformed into a multinational powerhouse. Patrick has expanded the organisation to serve as a market leader in technology and innovative investment with offices across the globe to effect positive influence and positive impact to make the world a better place.

Our Strengths

Our strengths lie in our understanding of culture. Navigating today’s complicated geopolitical and economic landscape is no longer a matter of East versus West. 

Successful investors must understand the subtle cultural nuances that exist between Hong Kong and Mainland China, just as they must be able to navigate the differences between doing business in London versus San Francisco. 

This is Tsangs Group’s inherent advantage. Our organisation was founded with the global citizen in mind. The unique perspective we bring to the table enables us to navigate the fluid world marketplace like no one else. 


Global Offices in Hong Kong, London, Dubai and Shenzhen.


Extensive global network across the world.


Advisory board of experienced, senior bankers and entrepreneurs.


Sector and geography agnostic.