Tsangs Group co-hosts the 2020 Asia Hemp Investment Summit & CBD Products Exhibition

Tsangs Group is proud to co-host the 2020 Asia Hemp Investment Summit & CBD Products Exhibition on 14-15 January at Kerry Hotel, Hong Kong.

The 2020 Asia Hemp Investment Summit & CBD Products Exhibition consisted of three parts, including summit, exhibition, and roadshow. The summit was a platform for participants to exchange ideas, where they learned more about CBD funding, regulations, branding companies, and development institutions.

Various exhibitors, such as medical, cosmetics, and drinks, from mainly China were a part of the exhibition. It was a wonderful opportunity for distributors and investors to discuss on CBD investment opportunities in Asia and China market. It is our privilege to meet with Chinese and global investors as well as distributors, including government officials from Yunnan, China.

Multitudes of cannabis projects were showcased in the roadshow with the reviews of professional investors. Participants cannot only exchange insights, but also network with each other to expend to the Asian hemp market.

One of our investing companies, Godiven, was also an exhibitor. Godiven is an innovative CBD skincare brand in China highly recommended by top influencers.

Our Managing Director, Kelvin Liu, shared his thoughts on future development of the CBD industry during the opening ceremony. Kelvin introduced potential investment opportunities and provided platforms for investors to exchange their ideas.

Our Chairman, Patrick Tsang, spoke at the dinner to express his views towards the emerging CBD market worldwide, especially China. Patrick highlighted several important regulations and some of the most prominent CBD enterprises.

Special thanks to our co-host CBDG Cannabis Fund for the successful event.

Patrick networking with some participants.

Distributors from all over the world showcasing their CBD products.

CBD products.